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Monday, August 30, 2010

Multivitamin to improve mood and performance

Daily stress takes its toll on the body and requires additional energy and nutrient demands. A recent study in Psychopharmacology has demonstrated that supplementation with a B complex, vitamin C and minerals can help healthy individuals improve ratings of stress, mental health and cognitive performance. The study evaluated 210 men between the ages 30 – 55 with full time employment. For 33 days, men received either a placebo or the vitamin supplementation. At the beginning and end of the 33 day period, participants completed an array of physical and mental tasks as well as multiple questionnaires including mood states, stress, and general health. Results showed that the group who received the B complex, vitamin C and minerals demonstrated improved: cognitive performance, ratings of stress and overall mood. Healthy individuals may indeed benefit from vitamin/mineral supplementation for specific areas of functioning.

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